Apple kicks off yearly developers’ conference – Keynote at noon Central today

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WWDC 2015 LogoWith the passage of the recent Google I/O conference, Android developers should be off and running on new gizmos and apps for Android OS, while iOS developers are gearing up for Apple’s complimentary conference, WWDC (World Wide Developer’s Conference) which kicks off a week of activities today in San Franciso.

WWDC will take place June 8–12 at the conference’s usual home base at Moscone West in San Francisco. The conference typically begins with a kickoff keynote, where the company makes its major announcements and sets the stage for the remainder of the week.

So what are the announcements likely to be?

Product Announcements

Apple often previews new versions of OS X and iOS at its Worldwide Developers Conference, in order to give developers time to get accustomed to updates ahead of their typical fall release dates. In 2015, Apple is expected to debut both OS X 10.11 and iOS 9.


Little is known about Apple’s next operating system update at this early point in time, but recent rumors have suggested that it will be a “Snow Leopard” type of update that focuses primarily on stability and optimization improvements rather than new features or a new design.


According to rumors, Apple will debut its revamped music service at WWDC. Said to be a rebranding of its existing Beats Music service, the new service may be built into iTunes. Early rumors suggested it could be priced at $7.99, below the industry standard, but now it looks like it’ll be $9.99 like other competing services.

Apple is still working on completing deals for the new music service, but it is on track for an introduction at WWDC. The service may debut at WWDC and launch a few weeks later in late June in several different countries. iTunes Radio may also be expanded to additional countries at the same time.


A report from The Wall Street Journal has suggested that Apple is working on a new streaming television service that could see a debut at the Worldwide Developers Conference. The company is said to have been discussing partnering with several content providers, including ABC, CBS, and Fox. The service would reportedly offer approximately 25 channels and be available for somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 to $40 per month.

However, rumor jets have been cooled about this possible announcement for WWDC2015 since it was surmised that Apple had hit some snags. Deals with local TV affiliates would probably need to occur one-by-one, which might be a bigger challenge than Apple had anticipated


Expectations for a new and updated Apple TV box at WWDC — a “significant overhaul” of the existing version, with support for Siri and an App Store for downloading apps and games — might also be delayed given the snags in “snagging” the TV players.

One improvement to the box, however is thought to possibly be the addition of Siri so that the Apple TV would be able to control HomeKit-enabled home automation devices via voice in addition to providing streaming TV services. Thus Apple would be making its bid for “the living room” entertainment setup in the age of transition for cable to “TVOIP.”

Time will tell — speaking of which — what time is it? Wow, the thng starts in about an hour from my writing of this. See you on the Tweets – and afterwards for a recap.

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