Up Periscope! Rolling Stones live on your phone! Well, sort of.

June 19, 2015 0 Comments

periscope screen“If you watch the whole concert live on Periscope, can you say you’ve ‘seen’ the Stones in concert?”

This interesting, digital-age conundrum was an actual question posed by one of the online participants as we watched the Rolling Stones concert in Dallas recently on my iPhone 6 Plus. I also could have paired the iPhone with our Bose sound system over the house wi-fi, and Voila! Rolling Stones live in our living room … well, sort of.

How, you say? Periscope. Periscope, recently acquired by Twitter, is a new live video streaming social media app. Download for free on the App store or Google Play, and with a couple of clicks you can begin live streaming your own life and activities to the world, or watch someone else’s. The resulting video can be shared on Twitter or by copying a URL, and will be available for about 24 hours before poofing forever into the ‘solid-gone’ of cyber-history.

At the Stones show in Dallas, several people at various places in the huge, amphitheatre audience, simply turned on their phones, started Periscope and stuck their arms up in the air during the show. When one host got tired and quit, we just found another one.

As we watched, little hearts would bubble up from the bottom of the screen (to indicate ‘love’ of whatever or whoever is on), as did little text boxes of conversation between the videographer and his/her surrounding friends and the online group watching together. They fade as they scroll on and off, so they actually don’t obstruct the view too much.

The ‘social media’ phenomenon has taken on a new shape with this app, and its nearest competitor, Meerkat. Meerkat sends your stream directly to Twitter. You chat with the people around the shooter, and with those linked in. Our little group on one session was an intimate 14, while others can reach into the hundreds.

A little concert groupie community may be springing up here! One chatter said, “Wow. Stones! Thanks for the feed! I just came over from the U2 concert!”

What about quality, you ask? Weeeell … if you’re into that sort of thing, it’s kind of problematic, actually – especially for a live concert. You’re dependent upon a jillion factors like the quality of the phone being used to shoot, the state of sobriety of the shooter (!), the quality of connections in the stadium, the distance of the phone camera from the action, the audio quality of phones, wind, crowd sounds, guys selling lemonade, etc., etc.

But hey! It’s the bleepin’ Stones, man!!

Remember when bumpers actually bumped — and phones were actually used for talking to somebody!? Time, time, time keeps slippin’ into the future! Hey, I wonder if there is a Steve Miller concert happening somewhere! Better go check that out!

While your at it, check out: Periscope.tv — fun, fun. As my mama used to say, what will they think of next!

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